Landscape Plants A-K (click on image for larger picture)

Ajuga - an interesting ground cover for shady areas. Has deeply veined purple foliage and light blue flower spikes in the summer.

Andorra Juniper - Evergreen Accent. Low growing, drought tolerant shrub. Looks good with boulders.

Aralia - Tropical looking shade accent. Open growth pattern.

Aucuba (Gold Dust) - Good accent plant for shady areas. Year round dark green foliage with bright yellow spots.

Azalea - Accent shrub with spectacular spring blooms in a wide variety of colors. Need shade and well prepared soil. "Encore" varieties bloom again in fall.

Blue Point Juniper - Upright evergreen with greenish - blue foliage. Grows in a conical shape.

Blue Rug Juniper - Trailing evergreen with blue foliage. Good groundcover for raised beds and walls. Looks good with boulders.

Boxwood - Small, light green leaves. Can be pruned in any shape. Makes excellent hedges.

Burford Holly - Excellent shrub for hedges. Low water need. Tight green foliage year round.

Camelia - Accent shrub that likes some shade. Red, pink and white blooms are available. Some varieties are spring bloomers. Others bloom in fall.

Carissa Holly - Low growing shrub with dense, dark green leaves. Useful for in front of windows or signs.

Cherry Laurel - Native tree that can be maintained as a large hedge. Small white spring flowers.

Chinese Fringe Flower - Also know as Loropetalum. Large shrub with purple foliage. Delicate pink flowers in spring.

Cleyera - Medium sized shrub with glossy green foliage. Red / orange / yellow highlights. Prefers some shade. Good natural growth pattern but can be pruned into a hedge.

Coral Bark Maple - A variety of Japanese Maple that likes sun. Has light green leaves that drop in fall to reveal the distinctive bright red bark.

Crape Myrtle - Excellent accent tree with bright blooms all summer. Drops leaves and blooms in fall.

Desert Willow - Native, drought-tolerant accent tree. Usually multi-trunked with an open growth pattern. Pink blooms in summer.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly - Tight growing small shrub with small dark green leaves. Can be shaped into a hedge or rounded.

Foster Holly - Large, upright holly. Grows in a narrow cone shape.

Gardenia - Shrub with dark green foliage year round. White, fragrant blooms in late spring to summer.

Gulfstream Nandina - Tightest growing Nandina. Has excellent shape and bright orange highlights.

Harbor Dwarf Nandina - Small accent shrub. Year round green open foliage with yellow / orange highlights.

Indian Hawthorne - Medium sized shrub. Grows in a natural round shape. Pink or white blooms in spring.

Japanese Maple - Beautiful specimen tree. Most varieties prefer shade.

Knockout Rose - Excellent rose with a tight growth pattern and dense blooms. Blooms most of the growing season with no dead-heading required.

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